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High efficiency, high quality and high cost performance

Product advantages

Keep improving Seiko quality
  • Safety and health

  • be even quality

  • Cost performance

  • Intimate service

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    Safety and health

    Standardized production management ensures the safety and hygiene of plastic packaging, and 100000 level dust-free purification workshop ensures the hygiene and safety of products.
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    Be even quality

    Select film raw materials with specifications higher than food safety and quality requirements, and use benzene free and ketone free environmental protection printing ink and diluent to avoid benzene pollution to food.
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    High cost performance

    The packaging bag (film) shall be flat without scratch, scald, bubble, wrinkle and false seal. The products shall be tested by strict inspection equipment to ensure that the peel strength and tensile strength of the products are qualified before leaving the factory.
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    Intimate service

    Our factory has many high-speed printing and laminating production lines and advanced bag making equipment. With advanced management system and a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel, we implement ISO9001:2008 quality management system and QS quality safety system.

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Application case

Ingenious design, safe production and strict quality control
  • Good service and hig
    Good service and hig

    Zhigao plastic printing packaging materials have systematic after-sales service, which greatly improves the efficiency during the cooperation period with Zhigao, solves the existing practical problems, and wins the first opportunity for our company to enter the market.

  • Product quality is g
    Product quality is g

    During the cooperation with Zhigao plastic printing packaging materials Co., Ltd., the product quality has been very stable, which not only ensures the rights and interests of customers, but also greatly improves our image in the eyes of consumers.

  • Zhigao plastic print
    Zhigao plastic print

    I have cooperated with Zhigao plastic printing packaging materials Co., Ltd. for many years. I have witnessed the process of an enterprise from small to large and from weak to strong. Over the years, they have inherited and carried forward the business essence of "people-oriented, reputation first and service first". The company has won the recognition and trust of customers with excellent quality and good after-sales service, won a wide market reputation and good reputation, and stood out in the local industry.

Production strength

Strength proof and quality assurance
About us

Dongguan Zhigao plastic printing and packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, with a production site area of more than 5000 square meters and more than 20 sets of equipment, including 2 high-speed printers, 2 dry compound machines, 1 solvent-free compound machine, 2 high-speed online intelligent inspection machines, 1 inkjet printer, 4 bag making machines and 4 slitting machines. All equipment is controlled by computer central control.

Zhigao company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of composite packaging films and composite packaging bags with various plastic film materials, structures and specifications. Its main products include: vertical zipper bags, vertical suction nozzle bags, three side sealed food packaging bags, barreled water bottle cover films, vacuum bags, high-temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bags, anti-static bags, etc. The monthly output is 3 million packaging bags and 150 tons of packaging film. Suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, electronics, toys, clothing and other packaging. So far, the development scale of the company has been expanding, and the technical force is strong. The technical personnel account for 80% of the total personnel of the company. The quality enjoys a high reputation in the same industry. The company's purpose: to provide customers with excellent quality, preferential price and high-quality service.

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